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OLA's Best Bets!

How can I ever express proper gratitude to the book gods (and Orca Book Publishers, and my editor Sarah Harvey, and mentor Andrew Smith)?? So much of the good stuff that’s come from publishing Black Chuck has kinda flown over my head because I’m brand new at this and don’t know any better (not to mention having intense anxiety about everything under the sun AND a demanding full time job).

But walking the OLA conference floor & seeing how many books get published per year, with just a handful sporting this blue sticker, or that green White Pine nomination really drives home how lucky I am to have caught a wave at just the right moment. Thank you Evie, Réal, Shaun, Alex and Sunny, and every other person real and imagined who has carried this book to such a rare and beautiful place. A year ago, I went to my first ever Ontario Library Association Super Conference and knew absolutely nothing & no one. Since then, this book has introduced me to so many great people, from writers to librarians, teachers & kids, and now it’s got a #WhitePineAward nom and a #BestBets nod! Just… wow!


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