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Wow! I simply can't believe Black Chuck has made the Sunburst Awards shortlist in YA!! Sending so much gratitude to those who made this possible, and to the jury who selected my book amongst so many fantastic titles. Black Chuck is up against some serious heavyweights, so just being on this list is a huge honour—although winning would be pretty wonderful too!

Not only is it a thrill to be on this list, but I really love the write up they gave the book:

"When his best friend dies, Réal knows that the Windigo isn't just a story, that his dreams aren't just dreams, and that something happened that night—something he can't remember.

Evie knows her dead boyfriend was both more and less than he seemed, but Réal remains a mystery to her.

In taut, vivid prose, Black Chuck pulls no punches in its genre-bending portrayal of the friendship, secrets, lust, and love that bind together the teens at its living, beating heart."

*heart eyes*

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