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I studied writing in the University of Victoria under the guidance of two of Canada's top authors. It was a tough-love, no-holds-barred path to learning great writing, and my classmates have all gone on to fabulous, award-winning writing careers, while my own first novel was chosen as a White Pine Honour Book by the OLA's Forest Of Reading.

Specializing in Young Adult fiction, I offer comprehensive manuscript evaluation, as well as editorial eyes on your synopsis and query letters, to improve plot, character arcs, voice, and other Big Picture issues. Submit your completed manuscript by email, and within eight weeks I will return a detailed set of notes, including a full mark-up of the manuscript and an in-depth letter discussing any issues, advice or revisions I think would make your work shine.

Cost for full manuscript evaluation is a flat reading fee of $150, plus $2.00 per manuscript page. Manuscripts must be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, and double-spaced. A non-refundable deposit of $75 is due on registration, while the full fee must be paid before I begin work on your project. For synopsis and query evaluation, contact me to discuss. My time is limited, and I regret that I cannot accept all projects.

Feedback from those I've worked with:

"Regan pushes me to write beyond what is comfortable and safe, and her suggestions improved my work by leaps and bounds. Her instincts for development, pacing, plotting are spot on, and she helped create amazing tension in my scenes. She falls in love with what you have, then pushes you to make it 100x better. She's not only my 'scariest' reader, but she's also my favourite."  Ronni Davis, author of When The Stars Lead To You coming Nov 12, 2019 from Little Brown Books for Young Readers 

Contact me at: writer [at] reganmcdonell [dot] com to get started!